• - you’re unsure which colors suit you

  • - you don’t know if you’re warm or cool tone and still confused about sub-season

  • - you’re often disappointed with your shopping, but want to do it correctly

  • - you can’t find a hair color that’s right

  • - you wear the same colors over and over again

Led by: Veronika Styler

Color Analyst and Personal Stylist since 2019

Veronika has worked with +375 individuals and +105 students, helping them achieve their goals through the power of COLOR in clothing, hair and makeup🔝


For 14 days after purchase, Veronika will personally check and confirm your season😉

Lessons are pre-recorded for your convenience

  • ✅ save time getting ready

  • ✅ save a staggering amount of money

  • ✅ look effortless without trying too hard

  • ✅ stress less, more confidence

  • ✅ create more outfits with less items

  • “Thanks a lot for helping me discover my true style and color season. I think now it’s been more clear to me what clothes to buy next. I got myself some cool tone outfits for the office and I really got so many compliments!!”

    - Eleni

  • ”I always wanted to wear red lipstick but I looked like a clown. Yesterday I went for a bright pink lipstick and oh my gosh I love it. What a difference. I have already gotten rid of all my warm toned clothes without compromise😅 Thank you so much again!!”

    - Agnes

  • ”I am now wearing the right colors and makeup according to my color palette (even changed my hair color) and I've never received so many compliments for it!”

    - Miriam

Course program:

Lesson 1: theory of color analysis and the characteristics of the types 

Lesson 2: color analyze your appearance (practical lesson of how to check colors at home without drapes) 

Lesson 3: complete personal recommendations for each type (winter/spring/summer/autumn)

Lesson 4: how to ensure the accuracy of your color analysis and other tips you can use 

Lessons 5-7: practical lessons to develop your skills. Color analyzing different seasons in-person and through photos 

Join the course for €28
  • Before and After

    - Olena (Spring season)

  • Before and After

    - Karen (Winter Season)


Is the course live or pre-recorded?

It is pre-recorded for your convenience😉 You can go through it at your own pace and rewatch at any wanted time

Can I access the course anytime?

Yes, after purchase, you receive lifetime access to all lessons and materials via email☺️

Is it suitable for beginners?

Of course, the course is designed for all skill levels

Will I definitely find out my color season?

Yes! The course is constructed in a way to teach you how to successfully color analyze the appearance.
In addition to this, a professional Color Analyst will confirm your color season👌

Can my color season change?

It remains the same throughout life whether you tan, dye your hair, wear colored lenses etc...

So you only need to determine it once!

How will I get access to the course?

Upon completing the payment, you will receive all lessons and materials via email😉

I have a busy schedule, will I have time for the course?

You can study at your own pace because you will get lifetime access to all lessons. Thus, you can start slow or go fast; it is completely your choice